​Streamline documentation, speed up as-built designs, and collaborate with ease by utilizing the services of a Matterport service partner.  Create immersive walk-throughs of existing conditions that can be annotated, edited, and shared across engineering groups, with clients, customers and key stakeholders. Real 3D representations of your project lets you virtually walk a job site at every stage of development replacing thousands of site photos with a single set of immersive 3D spaces for complete, efficient communication and long-term record keeping.  ​

​​​As Built Scanning ​

​​No need to set up registration markers, your point clouds are automatically registered in the cloud for one less step.  Eliminate return visits. Measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality.

​​Construction Updates

​​​Quickly capture construction conditions for documentation on a single file and share that information within 24 hours of scanning. No need for return site visits when you have a complete 3D model on your computer.  Shares as easily as a web page or video link.


Replace 1000’s of Photos. Record, Annotate & Communicate. Leverage for Long-Term Facilities Management.

Project Documentation  Each 3D model can be used as a detailed record of how a site has been built, is accessible within hours and can be shared with anyone, from anywhere. No software, downloads or plug-ins needed

​Facilities Management When the project is complete, simply turn over the virtual model to the building owner and facilities manager as part of your turnover package. They’ll continue to use it for long-term management and maintenance.

​Easily import into most CAD programs

​Archive & document project milestones

​Measure, annotate & communicate

​Generate floor plans &  extract photos

​​3D virtual walk through, doll house and floor plan views, as well as a virtual realty viewing option.

​A simple link for easy email, text or social media sharing, and HTML code to embed on your website.

​Google Business listing integration if applicable.

​.pts and .obj file formats for CAD.

​​Embedding pop-up tags to highlight key features of the space with small billboards of text, video and other rich multimedia content for communication and collaboration.

​​Resources for gathering analytics, taking measurements, ordering floor plans and extracting still photos. Use for long term facility management.

Highlight Features

Highlight Features

Compatible on Any Device

Interactive Dollhouse View

Floor Plans

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