Allow online viewers to experience ​a communal working environment or unique office space in a completely immersive, fully interactive 3D tour that attracts and engages potential clients and residents. Faster turn around time on leases and the best tour you will never give.

Office Space

Allow online visitors to preview your office, getting a glimpse into your unique offerings and business climate.

Shared Work Space

Got office space to lease out? Present your shared work space in 3D for entrepreneurs and start-up’s looking to collaborate and ​engage with one another.

​​Industry Benefits

Marketing professionals and corporations from all over the world are experiencing tremendous benefit from using technologically advanced 3D solutions for property documentation, facility management and viewer engagement. Businesses are gaining increased exposure and remote teams are able to communicate virtually.

  • 3D virtual walk through, doll house and floor plan views, as well as a virtual realty viewing option

  • ​Measure, annotate & communicate
  • Use for long term facility management

  • Google Maps and Business listing integration if applicable

  • Embed  text, video and other rich multimedia content for communication, engagement and collaboration

  • Archive & document project milestones
  • Generate floor plans & extract photos

  • A simple link for email, text or social media sharing, and HTML code to embed on your website

  • ​.pts and .obj file formats for CAD

  • ​​Resources for gathering analytics, taking measurements, ordering floor plans and extracting still photos