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Vectorize a Schematic Floor Plan in under 5 Minutes

Convert the Schematic Floor Plan  to 3D Geometry Vectorize a Matterport Schematic Floor Plan with Vector Magic. Vector Magic is very easy to use. After you basically pressed a button you export it to .dxf format and then import it to whatever 3D software you use, such as SketchUp. While you got the lines draw a big rectangle around it it select everything, right click and choose intersect with face. Now you can pull up the walls:) before [...]

Performing Arts Centers Bring 3D Virtual Tours Center Stage

Performing Arts Centers Bring 3D Virtual Tours Center Stage Designed to be the centerpiece of downtown Las Vegas, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts hosts some of the world’s finest performances from local artists to world-class Broadway shows and concerts.  A decade in the making, The Smith Center opened its doors to the public on March 28, 2012 entertaining over 2 million patrons with over 1900 brilliant performances since its inception. In its long standing goal to [...]

3D Showcase Paving the Way for Online Retailers

3D Showcases Hit Major Retail StoresThe benefits of 3D Mapping for e-commerce and retail spaces are finally being realized in a big way. With the recent integration of a virtually stages space on, Reality Capture Experts are ready to help 'virtualize' your retail store to anyone anywhere in the world. With over 100 household items annotated in the tour, the 3D Walmart shopping experience is an instant way to showcase brand such as Mainstays within a storyline. [...]

3D Modeling in Sumerian

How Amazon is Paving the Way for 3D MarketplacesFew things are more exciting in life than getting early access to a new piece of hardware or software. Over the past few months Reality Capture Experts have been delving into different ways to improve client offerings, including animating models with sounds and people. Enter the world of Amazon Sumerian.From the getgo in Sumerian, you are advised to create a mock model using one of their Avatars who can be [...]

Why Recruiters are turning to Immersive Media

Winning the hearts of top talent isn't easy..... or is it? Thanks to affordable 3D capture services, more and more recruiters are turning to VR to show off their company culture at recruiting events. Thanks to advances in capture technology, any real world space can instantly be shared across the globe taking a recruiter from  storyteller to story shower. VR has long been a tool for employee skill training, but now you can put top candidates in the [...]

Will 3D Virtual Tours Replace Your Open House?

Could 3D virtual tours replace my open house in years to come? You might be asking yourself this question as you peruse the latest real estate articles announcing that 3D Virtual Tours are rapidly becoming one of the latest go-to tools for real estate professionals. 3D Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality experiences will be a major part of real estate sales without a doubt, but they aren’t meant to replace the “traditional” open house. On the contrary, we [...]

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