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Art Academy of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Art Academy of Cincinnati recently collaborated with Reality Capture Experts to create a 3D model of their space. AAC has been a hallmark fine-arts institution in greater Cincinnati since 1869, and relocated to its current 7-story space on Jackson street in fall of 2005. AAC boasts four different fine-arts degrees and three public galleries for students. The building is a living piece of art, the walls painted with the inner work of student expression and soul. This particular model took 18 hours and 555 camera rotations to complete. It includes 7 levels, 80 rooms, 4 elevators, and 1 cafeteria.

An increasing number of colleges are turning to virtual reality to allow prospective students to tour the campus when an in-person visit is not economically feasible. Matterport walkthroughs are fully immersive, and allow a visitor to self-navigate through a space in a very realistic way. A 3D model also acts as a historical record in space and time, allowing artists to relive their time spent on campus.

Capturing art and cultural spaces in 3D also allows for visitors from near and far to experience an otherwise limited in-person audience. Famous exhibitions around the world are now modeled in a few hours time, and preserved for the inspiration of future generations. Take a moment to view some of these other 3D installations from partnering institutions:


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