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Welcome to Reality Capture Experts, your trusted provider of professional 3D Matterport scanning services. It allows viewers to explore and interact with a space remotely, providing an engaging and realistic experience.

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we transform physical spaces into immersive digital experiences.

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Benefits of 3D Matterport Scanning


1. Immersive Virtual Tours: Users can virtually walk through properties, examining every detail as if they were physically present. This immersive experience enhances understanding and allows for better decision-making.


2. Increased Engagement: 3D Matterport scanning brings spaces to life, increasing engagement and capturing the attention of potential clients or customers.


3. Remote Property Viewing: Prospective buyers, investors, or tenants can explore properties virtually, making informed decisions without the need for extensive travel.


4. Accurate Documentation: Matterport scanning technology ensures highly accurate measurements and detailed documentation of spaces. This precision is particularly valuable in real estate, architecture, and construction industries, where accurate measurements are crucial for planning, remodeling, and interior design purposes.


5. Time and Cost Efficiency: Virtual tours reduce the need for multiple physical visits, saving time for both clients and real estate professionals. Additionally, the cost of creating virtual tours is often more economical compared to traditional photography or video production.

Matterport Scanning Solutions We Provide


1. High-Quality Virtual Tours: Using state-of-the-art Matterport cameras and software, we create captivating virtual tours that allow viewers to explore properties in a realistic and immersive manner.


2. Interactive Floor Plans: We generate interactive floor plans from our 3D scans, enabling users to visualize the layout of a property clearly and intuitively.


3. Accurate Measurements: Our 3D Matterport scanning technology enables us to capture accurate measurements of spaces. Whether it’s for architectural purposes, interior design, or furniture placement, our scans provide precise room dimensions and other relevant measurements.


4. Customization Options: From adding annotations and descriptions to incorporating branding elements, we can tailor the virtual tours to align with your branding and marketing strategies.

Industries Served

Discover how various industries are leveraging from our Matterport solutions.


  • Real Estate: This technology enables a realistic and interactive experience, attracting more qualified leads and accelerating the sales process.


  • Hospitality: By showcasing the rooms, amenities, and common areas in a virtual tour, businesses can enhance guest satisfaction, build trust, and increase bookings.


  • Retail: Retail businesses can utilize 3D Matterport scanning to create virtual storefronts, allowing customers to explore their products and services online.


  • Architecture and Construction: This technology aids in project planning, design validation, and collaboration among stakeholders. Accurate measurements and virtual walkthroughs enable architects and builders to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and ensure projects align with client expectations.


  • Event Planning and Venues: Virtual tours allow event organizers to explore venues remotely, visualize seating arrangements, and plan logistics effectively. This technology simplifies the event planning process, improves communication, and ensures seamless execution.


Centralized Matterport Capture Services for All Industries

Why Choose Reality Capture Experts?


  • Expertise: With a deep understanding of the technology and its applications, we deliver exceptional results and exceed client expectations.


  • Extensive Experience: With an extensive experience of working in various industries we can handle projects of all sizes and complexities, ensuring seamless execution and outstanding outcomes.


  • Customer Satisfaction: We listen to our clients’ needs, collaborate closely with them throughout the process, and strive to deliver tailored solutions that align with their vision.


  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We utilize cutting-edge 3D Matterport scanning technology to capture spaces with unparalleled detail and accuracy.


  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our solutions provide clients with everything they need to showcase their spaces effectively and engage their target audience.


  • Timely Delivery: With efficient project management and streamlined workflows, we ensure that our clients receive their deliverables on time, allowing them to proceed with their initiatives without delay.


Client Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of our top-notch matterport scanning solutions.

They were so easy to work with. We will use them again (and we've used them several times in the past).

    Sue Silva
    Sue Silva

    Exec. VP of Marketing | BENDER

    We have had great success with the services provided by Reality Capture Experts. They are very timely, professional and provide an excellent product and service.

      Sara Hill
      Sara Hill


      This group of professionals deliver high quality work and the highest level of service in the industry. If you need 3D assets please contact RCE do not hesitate.

        Rick Lozano
        Rick Lozano

        CEO | Kurierr LLC

        Reality Capture Experts is an elite group of VR tour and laser scanning professionals focused on delivering practical business solutions using emerging technologies.

          David Chawaga
          David Chawaga


          Great experience dealing with everyone at reality Capture Experts...professional and goes out of way to help

            Brian Ashley
            Brian Ashley

            Lendio - Metro Detroit

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            1. How do I scan 3D with Matterport?

            To scan 3D with Matterport, you need the Matterport Pro Series camera and a subscription to the Matterport cloud platform. Set up the camera in the desired location, then use the Matterport Capture app to capture 360-degree images. The app automatically stitches the images together to create a 3D model, which can be processed and viewed using the Matterport cloud software.


            2. What is Matterport scanning?

            Matterport scanning is a process that utilizes specialized cameras and software to create immersive 3D models of physical spaces. By capturing multiple 360-degree images and stitching them together, Matterport technology creates a virtual representation of the space, allowing users to navigate and explore it remotely in a realistic and interactive manner.


            3. How far can Matterport Pro 3 scan?

            The camera is capable of capturing accurate measurements and details up to a distance of approximately 4.5 meters (15 feet). For larger areas, multiple scans can be combined to create a comprehensive 3D model of the entire space.


            4. What does Matterport cost?

            The cost of Matterport services depends on various factors, including the size of the space, the level of detail required, and additional services requested. It is best to contact Reality Capture Experts directly to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalized quote based on your project requirements.