Thank you for your interest in the Reality Capture Experts Network and Directory

Our Story

RCE formed in 2017 as a community of Matterport service providers who desired to create a cohesive team of like-minded business owners from within the 3D reality capture industry. In 2020 we officially registered as a non- profit organization (Reality Capture Experts Network). Our primary focus could be characterized by the following activities:

  • Mutual collaboration
  • Education
  • Mining, curating and sharing business support tools
  • Networking and sharing peer to peer leads

Reality Capture Experts, LLC also exists to provide managed account services for clients who are in need of 3D scanning and photography in multiple locations across the globe. Our internal team consists of members who reside in non-competing areas, primarily in the United States and in specific countries. Some of our most recent team members are Matterport providers we have hired to service areas where we did not have an existing team member. Many of these directory network technicians received an invitation to join our internal team and are now benefiting from new tools, resources and opportunities created within the Reality Capture Experts community.

We have been fortunate enough to attract a number of corporate clients who have already scheduled jobs or have pending orders with RCE.  We are inviting you to fill out the form below to submit your information to be included in the external provider directory. When we have work that becomes available in your coverage area we will reach out to you directly to see if it is a good match.

If we find that the relationship is mutually beneficial, then we would naturally invite you to join the RCE community as a member of the team, giving you access to the tools and resources we work hard to mine, curate and share on your behalf.

Being added to the RCE directory, receiving a project and completing work-for-hire is a great way for us to get to know one another. In the meantime, meet the team by going to the RCE Member Directory and consider how you too can leverage our brand to attract additional clients who are seeking your services in multiple or distant locations.  We could be the team you are looking for to bring your business to the next level.

The Network

RCE  offers a unique situation for 3D reality capture business owners to attract high level multi-location clients in need of an organization that provides managed services globally.

Our partnership with like-minded  industry professionals creates a culture of continued learning, strategy development and collaboration among trusted  friends, a dynamic which exists no where else in our industry.

We are the ONLY organized network of 3D reality capture providers in the world. WE HAVE what future clients need!  When leveraging the power of the  community, we are stronger together.

Mutual Collaboration

Sharing leads and strategies among those you know, like and trust.


Opportunities to expand industry knowledge and best practices for niche services.

Resources & Tools

Mining, curating and sharing business support tools.


Our Client Value

By managing a global network of 3D Reality Capture Experts, we can offer professional, quick, and quality 3D scanning services for any client in any industry – whether it’s commercial real estate, a resort, event space, or construction site.


Resources & Tools

Cost Management

Industry Knowledge

Consistency & Quality 

Customized Support

Volume Pricing 

Global Reach

Directory and Network Membership Features

Step 1: Apply to be added to the directory.

Step 2: Let’s get to know each other.

Step 3: Apply for Membership.

Level 1

Directory Listing

  • Basic Directory Listing
  • Lead Sharing Opportunities
  • Monthly Meeting Access

Level 2

Paid Membership

Network Benefits
  • Featured Directory Listing

  • Access to Industry Resources

  • Network of Providers from Non-Competing Areas

  • Project Management Opportunities

  • First Right of Refusal for Leads in Designated Service Area


Our 3D visualization and property documentation solutions are designed to support any industry that uses, modifies, communicates about, or markets any real-world place.