BIM Modeling services

Reality Capture Experts provides centralized 3D laser scanning services to the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Our team delivers the highest quality point clouds, as built drawings and 3D BIM models, using state-of-the-art equipment, technology and processes.
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Benefits & Features

3D imaging has become a prominent vehicle for acquiring building spatial data in three dimensions with high fidelity and low processing time.

LiDAR Capture

A complete scan of both the interior and exterior of the property.

Colorized Point Cloud (3D data set)

Digital twin archives any property with millions of colorized points and 360 images.

Architectural Drawings

AutoCAD sheets delivered to the standards of the architect or engineer working on the project.

3D BIM Model

Revit model includes all walls, floors, doors windows, basic fixtures, visible structural elements, roof line and ground topography immediately around the structure.

All LiDAR services include a Matterport 3D virtual tour / digital twin for an interactive walk through experience that provides a dynamic visualization and collaboration tool.

From Concept to Completion


Project discovery
Your project manager will gather all the details related to your project. End results and specific deliverables are decided.

Data Collection

On site scanning
Projects requiring engineering-level accuracy are captured with technologically advanced equipment to achieve 2-4mm accuracy.

Data Processing

Point Cloud Registration
Multi-step process aligning multiple, overlapping point clouds to form a detailed and accurate representation of the surveyed area.

Data Visualization

Scan to plan / Scan to BIM


Accurate, real-world data replaces inaccurate and antiquated field methods or outdated existing plans. Save time, reduce errors, improve collaboration, and maximize efficiency with precise field intelligence that you can take anywhere.

Level of Detail

The measure of the amount of information provided within the model.

Clarification on the level of detail for any project is the most important thing in giving a good estimate on timeline and price. Our team works with each client to understand their project scope and provide innovative solutions.

LOD 200

  • Core and Shell
  • Basic architectural elements as well as location of lighting, switches, outlets, etc.

LOD 300

  • Trim profiles, crown molding, ceiling detail, exterior detail.
  • General outlines of the fine details.

LOD 350-400

  • The fine details

Centralized Project Management

With our growing network of insured and vetted reality capture professionals, we can provide services for all your locations across the globe.


Exclusive Features

Cost Management

Industry Knowledge

Consistency & Quality Control

Dedicated Support

Volume Pricing

Global Reach

On the cutting edge of immersive storytelling and property documentation, Reality Capture Experts provides world-wide 3D & virtual reality services for any industry.

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