Vectorize a Schematic Floor Plan in under 5 Minutes

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Convert the Schematic Floor Plan  to 3D Geometry Vectorize a Matterport Schematic Floor Plan with Vector Magic. Vector Magic is very easy to use. After you basically pressed a button you export it to .dxf format and then import it to whatever 3D software you use, such as SketchUp. While you got the lines draw a big rectangle around it it select everything, right click and choose intersect with face. Now you can pull up the walls:) before that you can delete stuff you don't want. as you see the Matterport logo I kept even if it looks a little bit funny.  This action took me less than 5 minutes. Inkscape is [...]

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3D Modeling in Sumerian

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How Amazon is Paving the Way for 3D MarketplacesFew things are more exciting in life than getting early access to a new piece of hardware or software. Over the past few months Reality Capture Experts have been delving into different ways to improve client offerings, including animating models with sounds and people. Enter the world of Amazon Sumerian.From the getgo in Sumerian, you are advised to create a mock model using one of their Avatars who can be scripted with your own rhetoric, or respond to pre-selected Alexa commands. The ability to animate a model with a host or tour guide is extremely beneficial to our clients, and as the months progress [...]

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