Virtual hospital tours

There is no better way to increase patient confidence than to provide visitors with the ability to see your office or facility well before they arrive.

Hospitals, Offices​ & Labs

​​In the critical component of patient satisfaction and family comfort, first-person interactive 3D virtual tours and floor plans provide an excellent opportunity for future patients to familiarize themselves with your facility. From maternity tours, to long term stays, our 3D technology offers a unique way to connect with patients and put them at ease before arriving on site.

Assisted Living

By providing an immersive, 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, families can get a feel for floor plan proportions while getting an accurate sense of what they will see when they arrive in person. It helps them to make a decision sooner, and edges out your competition. Social workers, caregivers and helpers can move through the space and highlight features with their loved ones​.

Virtual Tour Features

With a 3D virtual tour you can provide future patients with the opportunity to see and understand your space in an immersive and interactive way, allowing them to become familiar with your amenities, services, and accommodations.

Remote staff and administration can plan safety and security measures, document inventory and collaborate on future renovations and design plans. Use 3D models for long-term facility management.

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