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RCE Speaks at IBS

Reality Capture Experts Invited to Speak at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas Many builders have made use of Matterport 3D camera technology to create tours of their homes, but this innovative platform is capable of so much more. From embedding video to creating virtual construction models accurate to within 1%, the capabilities are only now fully being realized. This Tech Bytes session will walk you through the many functions of the Matterport camera, from basic to advanced, [...]

Why Scan to CAD is now Industry Standard

​Why Scan to CAD is now Industry Standard If your industry has not yet adopted Scan-To-CAD as a standard architectural practice, you are already behind the likes of giants such as Walgreens, KFC, and Starbucks.  Just as dozens of corporate giants have come to recognize the value savings of Reality Captured 3D Modeling, you too can take an inner look at how Reality Capture Devices are revolutionizing the surveying industry. What used take months of human measurements that [...]

Retail Adopts 3D Models at a Rapid Pace

As targeted marketing becomes increasingly personal,  AI, machine learning, and 3D tours play a critical roll in the transformation of retail stores. Correcting problems in supply chain, keeping shelves stocked, and using bots in place of human automation are increasingly reliant on an acurate geospatial replica of any space. When a development team that is located in India is responsible for the marketing materials of a store that is physically in Singapore, 3D modelers provide a critical element [...]

3D Experience Sparks Emotion in Viewers

The Virtual Experience is An Emotional One Reality Capture Experts across the globe are drawing in visitors to new exhibits, showing off stunning architecture, archiving exhibits, and providing a new level of accessibility that enables online viewers to experience the most immersive and visually engaging way to explore a property. Step into the Cincinnati Observatory and conceptualize the flow of rooms in a dynamic and smooth experience that allows you to "be there".Located atop the rolling hills of [...]

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