Fair Lane, Henry Ford Estate

Fair Lane Estate was established in 1915 and designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The home and grounds are now available to the public and undergoing a major restoration project. Get a glimpse of this historic residence in 3D!

Children’s Museum, Grand Rapids Michigan

I was able to scan our local Children’s Museum. This massive space is located in Grand Rapids and allows kids of all ages to learn while they play. Check out the full model and let me know if you have something similar in your town.

Logan History Center, Ohio

The Logan County History Center, stunningly documented by 3D Real Estate Marketing, showcases the best the county has to offer yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Putting museums open to the public on Google Maps increases traffic and gives disabled visitors a solid understanding of any obstacles they face when visiting your facility. 

Woodland Mall Santa

Woodland Mall has created one seriously mesmerizingly magical place at Macy’s court for Santa ???? this year ‼ Worried you won’t be able to make it in time to see it? ???? Real Space’s tour will let not only let you walk through this forest…. but we got Santa to wave hello ???? Trust us though ????- this is worth the travel ???? to see it in real life ???? 1950s […]