Zodiac & Kayak Garage

Every day, Reality Capture Experts from around the globe are creating “Digital Twins” like the one featured here!  On occasion, a client’s project takes us to a unique space where Laser & LiDAR digital scanning is conducted far out at sea aboard the most advanced ice-class expedition ship afloat.  This 3D-Virtual Tour was created to …

National Geographic | Lindblad Expeditions

The most advanced ice-class expedition ship afloat offering unprecedented access to polar regions. The first new polar build in Lindblad’s 50-year history, National Geographic Endurance is named to honor explorer Ernest Shackleton and his legendary Transantarctic Expedition. A fully-stabilized vessel of the highest ice class (PC5 Category A), she will enable adventurous guests to go where …

Kensington Hotel

With the Urban Transitional Design, The Kensington Hotel on State Street is the premier destination in Ann Arbor for overnight accommodations, your next meeting, wedding, family gathering or staycation.