RCE Network Member Resources2021-04-23T13:47:56-04:00

Reality Capture Experts Network Member Resources

RCE is working to mine, curate and share Matterport Support Resources and Business Tools for easy access all in one place.

Actionable Insights Training & Certification2020-12-18T19:31:29-05:00

The Actionable Insights Matterport Certification course will ensure you know how to use this game-changing technology, help you scale the training and implementation across your company, and prepare you to leverage all aspects of this technology as it relates to sales, operations, business development, risk management, client retention, and more. Discount for RCE Members.  See Workplace for discount code.


Matterport Camera Repair & Service2021-03-05T07:45:34-05:00

Matterfix.io-$25 off any Matterport camera repair service to RCE members.

“Matterfix.io is your one-stop-shop for expedited Matterport camera repairs! We use original Matterport parts and all of our repairs come with a 1 year warranty. Most repairs are completed within one day of us receiving your camera! We are MSPs ourselves so we have an in-depth knowledge of Matterport cameras, the Matterport platform and the importance of getting your camera back in service as soon as possible.”    Contact Mike Vorce for details.
BIM & Cad Services2020-12-04T10:27:58-05:00

Amayacad Services -3D modelling, as built documentation, shapespark tours, 3D and 2D floor plans. Cad drafting etc. Offering RCE Members 20% discount on all services.


RCE Newsletters2020-12-04T10:35:55-05:00
Virtual Tour Platforms2020-12-04T10:39:14-05:00

RCE 360 Virtual Tour Platform-Access to discounted enterprise level 360 virtual tour creation platform. Contact Dustin Gardner for more information.

Matterport Support Documentation2021-03-06T02:29:26-05:00

RCE is working to mine, curate and share Matterport support related documentation for easy access all in one place.

RCE Support Resources
Sales Sheets and Flyers to Support Your Business2021-03-06T06:22:11-05:00

Customizable sales sheets and marketing materials to support your local business from MSP Market World. Free offers.

Business in a Box2020-12-02T11:54:05-05:00

A tool box full of resources to help run your business. Available in the Knowledge Library in Workplace

WP3D Models2020-12-04T10:41:02-05:00

RCE Members receive a discounted rate for WP3D Models, a plugin for WordPress built specifically for the Matterport community. It serves as a content management and marketing engine that empowers anyone to leverage the power Matterport’s groundbreaking ttechnology and sell properties.

Virtual Tour Sales Accelerator2020-12-04T10:53:26-05:00

Reality Capture Experts Member, Tomas Dunbar is the founder of Virtual Tour Sales Accelerator.  $897 sales accelerator training program is FREE for RCE Members.

MP/embed Premium Subscription2020-12-04T10:41:02-05:00

Paying Members of the RCE Network receive a FREE PREMIUM Subscription to MP/embed, a powerful skin that adds new features to any Matterport Space.   It’s very easy to use.

Directory Listings & The RCE Network2020-12-04T10:53:56-05:00

Directory listings can have technicians from overlapping coverage areas as we will always need multiple providers in a given area.

You must possess a certificate of liability insurance to receive work from Reality Capture Experts.

Applying to be added to the RCE Directory is Step 1 to becoming a Network Member.  Network Members are from non-competing areas (outside 60 miles from each other) and must be invited by a current RCE Network Member.

Network Membership has an annual fee that helps to cover the RCE Network infrastructure that includes the tools and resources needed for mutual collaboration, communication, education and lead capture.



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  • SSL Encryption

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  • Fully Automated Reporting

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  • SSL Encryption

  • 2 Factor Authentication

  • Fully Automated Reporting

  • Downloadable Reports

  • Smart Projections

  • AI Focused Advice

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