Existing Matterport Teaser Videos leave a lot to be desired.  At Reality Capture Experts, we’ve only been happy with a handful of the ones we receive, so we improve the process by giving you control.  Added music & branding is now even more engaging!

Matterport has created an exceptional marketing tool, but sometimes it just needs a human touch with the ability to be customized.  You asked – We Delivered!  Posting a Teaser Video to Social Media now promotes you and your brand, or that of your client.

As Reality Capture Experts, we have been converting Matterport Tours to Video for our clients. We have designed the smoothest system for creating custom Matterport Teaser Videos just the way you want and at a price that’s unmatched in the industry.

Take Back Control Of Your  Teaser Videos


Let us take care of the this so you can get back to spinning your camera!

~30 second walkthrough teaser of your 3D Matterport space (4 snapshot points from your highlight reel)

Delivery in less than 5 business days(We aim for a faster turn around, but we’ll say 5 to be safe)

Three royalty free music tracks to choose from

Your logo in an animated intro

Custom Matterport Teaser Videos

Only $24

​Elements ​To Customize

Which Soundtrack Will You Choose?

See The Difference Custom Teasers Make

Our Custom Teaser Video

Starts: Co-Working Space I Chose Ends: Co-Working Space I Chose (to be loopable) Duration: 35 sec Format: H.264 Extension: .mp4 Height: 960px Width:720px Bitrate: 4658 Size: ~28 mb Advantage: Professional Logo Intro & Call To Action Outro With Licensed Music Track!

Default Teaser From Workshop

Starts: Conference Room Ends: Bathroom!?!? Duration: 14.08 sec Format: H.264 Extension: .mp4 Height: 480px Width: 854px Bitrate: 1244 Size: 2.21 mb What’s Missing?: Your Control

Tips for Even Better Teaser Videos

Step 1: build a highlight reelBuild a highlight reel of your space in workshop and make sure that it plays the way you want it to be shown.

Step 2: Place your orderPlace your order here and enter the tour URL in the order form and follow the prompts to complete the order.

Step 3: Download your finished teaser file.Once your video is finished, you will receive a link to download your .MP4 file*Please remember these videos are being processed by humans and not machines, so you will not be able to download your file immediately. We will, however, deliver within 3-5 business days from the time of order.Do You Need Something More?This page is designed to create a fluid ordering process where you control what the finished product looks like based on a commonly requested service.If you are interested in more advanced editing options including multiple tours in one video, Professionally added transitions, Animated Logos and  Intros, Motion Graphics and more, please contact us for a customized quote! Our team has access to amazing new tools and we have the Professional Editing experience to handle any project. Relax, the Reality Capture Experts have you covered!

​Pro Tips

Pro Tip: Looping Teaser Trick

If you want to build a teaser that loops just like the ones you download from my.matterport.com,then just build a highlight reel with 3 to 4 snapshots.1 Inside view that starts where you want1 or 2 dollhouse views1 Inside view identical to the first snapshot(to pull this off, when you take the first snapshot, just do it twice so you will have a second copy to put at the end of the highlight reel)

Lastly, on the order form, if you select the option “Looping Teaser” then we will know that you want us to just process the 3 to 4 snapshots you have chosen and deliver it to you as a custom version of the looping teaser videos instead of the fully produced “Custom Teaser Video” you would normally get… See, you really are in control. Would you like a latte while we’re at it?


Let us take care of the this so you can get back to spinning your camera!

Only $24