With the increase to new construction and tear-downs in the greater Nashville area, many construction companies are looking for more cost-efficient ways to keep model homes available to potential clients. Unfortunately, model homes cost a lot of money to maintain and degrade in value the longer they sit. Matterport solves this problem by creating a way to permanently store the entire property digitally, and make it viewable from any device, including Virtual Reality! Let Reality Capture Experts build you a digital model home like the one below from Village Real Estate, and save your business some money with Matterport!

Whether you are a real estate agent looking for an edge over your competitors or selling your home directly, Matterport will help potential buyers from anywhere in the world see your house first hand. Buyers no longer have to scour through heavily edited photographs to figure out what the property looks like in person. Matterort will provide the experience of physically being inside the property, but from anywhere with a computer or smart device and internet connection. Increase your exposure and sell your property faster with Matterport and Reality Capture Experts!