When you Google “Virtual Reality Beginnings,” you come up with results dating back to the early 1950’s.  The so called “goggles” back then look like an astronaut helmet of one headed to the moon!  Almost 80 years later, the art of Virtual Reality is now the standard of marketing.  Thankfully, the goggles of today are not much larger than a pair of sunglasses with a strap to hold them in place.  Some goggles today are made of cardboard and can be purchased for about $12. How times have changed!

The year 2018 promises to be a record breaking year of growth for the industry.  Real estate, military, healthcare, fashion, engineering, construction, sports, and education are already using this standard of marketing.  In fact, this year the Winter Olympics will be offering Virtual Reality viewing in 30 of their events for those that are unable to physically attend but would like to virtually attend.  The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is offering virtual attendance as well, from inside the ring.  Public schools across America now have 3-D classrooms to teach children how to use this application.  

Reality Capture Experts are more than thrilled to be able to help your business expand into the Virtual Reality Industry.  Your nations’ top Virtual Reality Experts have united to best serve your business both nationally and now, internationally. It’s time to equip your business for the once futuristic industry, for it has arrived full force!