RCE Speaks at IBS

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Reality Capture Experts Invited to Speak at IBS 2019 in Las Vegas Many builders have made use of Matterport 3D camera technology to create tours of their homes, but this innovative platform is capable of so much more. From embedding video to creating virtual construction models accurate to within 1%, the capabilities are only now fully being realized. This Tech Bytes session will walk you through the many functions of the Matterport camera, from basic to advanced, and how this technology can be put to use without breaking the budget or hiring large teams of new employees. Real world examples on how to get started and how to develop your own [...]

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Why Scan to CAD is now Industry Standard

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​Why Scan to CAD is now Industry Standard If your industry has not yet adopted Scan-To-CAD as a standard architectural practice, you are already behind the likes of giants such as Walgreens, KFC, and Starbucks.  Just as dozens of corporate giants have come to recognize the value savings of Reality Captured 3D Modeling, you too can take an inner look at how Reality Capture Devices are revolutionizing the surveying industry. What used take months of human measurements that were prone to error now takes less than a week, and is more precise than manual data collection. As pictured above, Reality Capture Experts were invited to create a comprehensive 3D Model of Peter's [...]

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Virtual Model Homes are the Future

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With the increase to new construction and tear-downs in the greater Nashville area, many construction companies are looking for more cost-efficient ways to keep model homes available to potential clients. Unfortunately, model homes cost a lot of money to maintain and degrade in value the longer they sit. Matterport solves this problem by creating a way to permanently store the entire property digitally, and make it viewable from any device, including Virtual Reality! Let Reality Capture Experts build you a digital model home like the one below from Village Real Estate, and save your business some money with Matterport! Whether you are a real estate agent looking for an edge over your [...]

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