An Artists Haven, Saugatuck Michigan

This Artist’s Haven in Saugatuck, Michigan was shot by Perspective 3D. Sharing your personal gallery or home collection is a boon of 3D scanning, and can turn your unique space into a  luxury AirBNB or VRBO destination hotspot. Don’t hesitate to contact Reality Capture Experts to put your place on the map!

ArtPrize, Grand Rapids Michigan

Creating 3D experiences for venues, centers, hubs and HQ’s. Take an interactive tour through this local organization’s special space that is set aside to welcome 400,000 guests to 3 square miles in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan each fall. ArtPrize is recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet.

The Red Dirt Rug, Grand Rapids Michigan

Reality Capture Experts are capturing ephemeral exhibits for the Arts. Archive and document your special project through local 3D and Virtual Reality service providers. It’s fast, affordable and awesome. The Red Dirt Rug was expertly captured here by Perspective 3-D in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Disability Arts Symposium, Michigan

The 2017 Disability Arts Symposium incorporates professional videography of each presenter as well as links to their individual works. Presented here by Perspective 3-D, mattertagging can be a way for multiple artists to work together on showcasing a space.