Charter Raised Floor, Grand Rapids Michigan

Yes, we provide interactive 3D experiences for your online viewers. But did you know that our immersive virtual tours are used by companies who want to share their spaces internally? Contact your local Reality Capture Expert to schedule a 3D capture of your space. This unique raised floor space presented by Perspective 3-D offers a glimpse into the …

Victory Art Exhibit, Grand Rapids Michigan

Made entirely of chairs and chair parts, the soldiers of “Victory” were captured in time by Perspective 3-D. Temporary Art installation such as this one are great to showcase in 3D for anyone with an internet ready device. A video of the artist, Stephen Farland, is included for your viewing pleasure.

Compassionate Heart Ministries, Michigan

Presenting 3D virtual tours to future visitors before they arrive in person just might be exactly what they needed to get them there. Interactive virtual tours are a great way to show off your unique space and is shared just as easily as a video or web page link.

Wounded Warriors Dog Project

The Wounded Warrior Dogs Project is a traveling exhibition of wooden dog sculptures created by master Ohio craftsman James Mellick. The dogs are intended to be symbolic of the sacrifice and exhibit the same wounds as their human companions in battle. The installation of wounded and rehabilitated dogs intends to raise awareness and focus the …

DeHaan Homes, Shelby Michigan

This residential construction site in Shelby, Michigan was shot by Perspective 3D. Construction documentation is labor intensive, inaccurate, and expensive. Thanks to modern 3D scanning, Reality Capture Experts is able to provide an affordable solution through all steps of the process. These scans generate point cloud measurements accurate enough for an architectural team to use in CAD software …

Kensington Hotel

With the Urban Transitional Design, The Kensington Hotel on State Street is the premier destination in Ann Arbor for overnight accommodations, your next meeting, wedding, family gathering or staycation.